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SCOTT MANNING - Lead Vox, Guitar

CURTIS CREE - Guitar, Vox



Scotland Ricardo Manning was born a poor black child in Mississippi. He rose to fame in the early1970's as a chino model for Sears & Co. Thailand. While never achieving the same success in the US as he did abroad, he managed to cultivate his fame into several guests spots on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, only to leave the competitive world of pants modeling after an injury sustained on a Milan catwalk during Fashion Week in 1984. After his second marriage to famed British singer and model Samantha Fox ended in 1992, Manning returned to his chosen home of Lisbon, Portugal where he moonlighted as a pastry chef at renowned Peruvian restaurant A Cevicheria. On a particularly busy evening at the acclaimed five star restaurant, rock-n-roll asshole David Coverdale "allegedlys" asked to compliment the pastry chef on his restraint of lemon zest in the mulberry compote but instead smashed the dessert in Manning's face. Manning vowed from that day forward to be a more recognized musician, adored by millions more fans than Coverdale could ever dream of. In that moment, he sketched the logo for Man Eating Giant on a napkin and said goodbye to the only life he had ever known. The next morning Scott sold his ocean-view villa, purchased a guitar, and boarded a plane to Los Angeles. 

Little is known about the early life of guitarist Curtis Cree except what was scribed on the deer skin in which he was wrapped and found as an infant by legendary amp builder James Marshall while walking to work in London in 1963. Cree was taken in by the Marshall family and put to work as a guitar instructor as soon as he could hold a pick. At the time, Marshall sold drums and percussion accessories in his small shop off the cobblestone streets of Hanwell. It wasn't until Cree and his guitar student Ritchie Blackmore petitioned Marshall to sell more guitar-centric products that the schematic Cree had drawn for a new tube driven amplifier saw the light of day. Realizing this new product could be his ticket to the big time, James patented the schematic born from the mind of his 6 year-old employee and the Marshall name would become forever synonymous with guitar amplification. Heartbroken by the betrayal, Curtis set off on a journey of self discovery, finally settling in a small Laotian village in Luang Prabang. While there he learned to knit the intricate alpaca wool tunics the rice farmers of Laos are known for. By the 1980's celebrities around the globe coveted the colorful garments earning him a seat at the royal family dinner in BarnwellNorthamptonshire where he met Catherine Oxenberg, daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia. Moving with Catherine to Los Angeles in 1984, Cree had finally found where he belonged. After the couples highly publicized breakup, between 1985 and 2003, Curtis performed with more than 2,600 thrash metal bands up and down the California coast.

Being one of 17 children meant that Don Curtis (Leichtenberg) had to grow up fast. At the age of 11, he took a job at the GM plant close to his family home in Ingersoll, Ontario. The hours were long, but it kept Curtis out of the house and away from his famous siblings. In 1958, The Leichtenberg Family Dancers had become the most widely known group of traditional Welsh clog dancers in all of central Canada. By 1960, the family became the highest paid celebrities in Canada's history. Born with seven toes on his right foot, Curtis was unable to fit into the wooden clogs which secured his family legacy. Shunned by an entire country, he quietly toiled away casting exhaust manifolds for the latest models of Chevrolet Malibus and on occasion the fine line of Chevrolet pickups and vans. But that would not last. In February of 1983, the family patriarch Jürgen Leichtenberg suffered a fatal pulmonary attack while feeding a small chesterfield sofa through a wood chipper. Don returned home to pay his respects and found that his family had grown apart after years of sibling rivalry, jealousy, and hate. Fear of losing their celebrity status and wealth kept the family cloaked in the cheery smiles of their onstage personas.  Jürgen, seeing this jealousy manifest before his eyes, knew that his 16 daughters were not worthy of the family fortune and left all $468 million dollars to his only son Don. The Leichtenberg girls were left penniless and made several unsuccessful attempts to free their brother of his mortal shell and regain what was once theirs. Curtis's only option was to change his name, move to Hawaii, and become a snorkeling instructor. The big island was home to many beautiful women and it's rumored that Don had bed them all within 4 months of his arrival. One of these women was none other than Big Kate of Big Kate's Drum Emporium, Hawaii's only drum store which sold double bass pedals. Intrigued by the wealth and status Kate had attained as owner of the best drum store in Hawaii (source: Hawaiian Drummer Magazine April 1982/ 64th Annual Drum Store Awards, Category: Best Drum Store - More than 27 Employees) Don visited Kate at work and picked up a set of drumsticks for the very first time. The rest, as they say, is history.

Jeremy England - Bass